Vintage Car Radio Antenna 3 section WARD NEW stainless AMERICAN MADE

Vintage Car Radio Antenna 3 section WARD NEW stain

  • This auction is for a 1950's thru late 60's Vintage Car or truck replacement RADIO ANTENNA. It is a new Heavy stainless antenna that was made buy WARD Antenna co. [AMERICAN MADE] It is a 3 section mast 21" down 57" extended. The coax is 48"s long and is the BIG coax.The picture with the red ball tip is shown for coax plugin only. The RED Ball antenna does not go with auction.I can install red ball tip for 20.00 extra or you can go to my other auctions for redball tip Antenna . Ward antenna co made all the antennas for GM,Ford,and Chrysler back in the old days. This is not a Cheap reproduction as seen on the internet. This antenna is over 40 years old and has never been installed.

    Shipping: $18.95 32.00out of USA

    ID: 20