Vintage dual antennas RED ball tips 7/16"  with 48' leadin coax   Dual antennas that will fit on most all cvars and will look cool.  Doll up that classic ride.   22.00 shipping USA   45.00 out of USA/  912-375-7284

Dual RED BALL antennas Hide a way pair BONUS

  • This is a PAIR of Dual hide a way antennas. They came from WARD antenna co .who made all antennas for GM FORD,and Mopars. These antennas go down to 2"'s and extend to 31"'s they have 48" leadin coaxes. about 10"'s under fender. They also come with a bonus of 2 Extra redball tips so as to have 2 extra to save for possible loss You will like this antenna kit on your Chevrolet, Ford,Mopars Buicks,Studebakers,Oldsmobiles,Humpmobile Roadsters . any where you can use dual antennas 912-347-2510 ask for Chuck shipping is 22.00  out of USA 42.00 ID. CGS   home  912-375-7284