Chevrolet Red Ball Antenna Jeweled Tip GMC, Ford Top Cowel Fender, NEW Vintage (fits Camaro)   

Chevrolet Red Ball Antenna Jeweled Tip

  • This antenna is NOT a reproduction as it came from America USA and was NOT imported as other Radio antennas on Ebay. This is a real nice 3 section old stainless steel Antenna that was Made By WARD/ANCOA radio antenna co. Which went out of business over 10 years ago. Ward Made all Antennas for General Motors,Ford,And Chrysler, Buicks, Kaizers, Trucks,Oldsmobile's all the way back to the 1930's. The coax is BIG Coax 5/16's in size Not a small thin Import coax. Please look at the JEWELED RED Semi-transparent tip.

    Shipping: $17.95 Over seas 32.00


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