1969-1970 FORD SHELBY MUSTANG Radio Antenna Brace STRAP   48" leadin coax.  19.99 shipping in USA   an d 43.00 out of USA   give item ID 

1940-50's Ball base antenna kit #12

  • This is a 1940-50's ball base radio antenna NEW.   Has a 2 section stainless steel mast with some kind of Plastic signal inhancer???   I do not know it is new with a 48" leadin coax.    Call me ask about it can be mounted on the fender , Cowel,   or as a  side mount on a Truck Car or Tractor.   you can use it in the fiels or woods when yolu go off road.    call me   912 347-251- m  or  912 375-7284   charlie 

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