This is a New Pair of 1956 Dodge and also will fit a 1957-59 Desoto,Chrysler dual rear antenna pair.

1956 Dodge and 1957-59 Desoto,Chrysler Dual antenn

  • This is a 1956 Dodge, Plymouth and 1957-59 Desoto, Chrysler dual rear antenna pair. They will fit on top of the rear fender FIN. You can see that they come with the original install sheet. The masts are 3 section chrome and 30 long, but can be lowered for a car cover. The originals cost about 1,200.00 up when you can find them. Here is a pair for less. The hole for the antennas should be drilled about 1: and you will have to get your own splitter and 12' leadin coax or just get 12' coax and use one antenna . the other side is a dummy. The big coaxes are 60" s long. These antennas are all American made and are not imports. Call for 1/2 shipping for Charlie 1-912-347-2510 They will lean toward the back just like originals and will look cool. Lets deal as I only have a few. They won't last long.

    Shipping: $49.95 out of USA 62.00

    ID: 47