1955-56 Ford Fender Radio Antenna, Mercury,1957 Thunderbird. Not Reproduction   Has a W on antenna as WARD made all original radio antennas for GM<FORD< CHRYSLER   22.95 shipping   42.00 Shipping out of USA

1955-56 Ford Fender Radio Antenna, Mercury,1957 Th

  • This is a New Radio Antenna for a 1955-56 FORD and Mercury This is a new antenna and has never been installed.It is NOT a reproduction. as it came from WARD Antenna co. [Who Made all antennas for GM, Ford and Chrysler] It has a 3 section heavy chrome over brass antenna mast. It is 21" in the closed position and extends to 57". It has a big leadin coax and is 55" long. This antenna also fits a 1952-1954 Mercury. It also fits the 1957 Thunderbird. My pictures look off, but I guarantee that this antenna is in perfect condition. This antenna also comes with the instruction sheets.   also fits 55-56 Ford.     

    Shipping: $19.95   in USA         32.00 over seas     912-347-2510    call lets talk    Charlie  John 3:3      Homed  912-375-7284

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