1947,48,49,50 51,52,53 54,Chevrolet RED Ball Radi

1947,48,49,50 51,52,53 54,Chevrolet RED Ball Radi

  • ATTENTION : This Antenna COMES WITH A EXTRA RED BALL TIP as a Bonus. This antenna was made in the 50,s by WARD antenna co . This antenna is over 50 years old[ front cowl / fender] and has never been installed . My pictures look off color ,but I assure you it is in perfect condition. This antenna is a 3 section CHROME over brass , antenna that extends to 53". and coax is 48" long. It has a beautiful 7/16" semi Transparent red Ball at the tip. The antenna is perfect in every way..This is a vintage replacement antenna NORS. It is made in America and is not a cheeep !! 9.95 import!!!!Others sell for 100s and up !!!!! Look at the pictures and bid accordingly. email with questions before you bid,. Thanks for looking at my old stuff!!!! Fits 2door, 4 door and convertibles??? The antenna will fit a ,48.49,50,51,52,53 54 Chevrolet . Comes with all installation Hardward and instructions...

    Shipping: $17.95 32.00 over seas


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