1940-50-60's Ball base side mount or top mout radio antenna kit made by WARD antenna co .   You can drive thru the woods listen to thr radio or drive that farm tractor and never break this stainless steel spring bacl antyenna one section.   shipping is 19.95  out of USA 43.00

1940s -1960 side mount or top mount antenna kit

  • This antenna is a most unusual antenna that came from 1930's. The box and install sheet was gone, But antenna is all here and NEW and in perfect shape. The antenna body is 3"'s across and is a 1/2 dome. The dome is perfect and the dome fits over a round body that holds the antenna together The coax is a woven fabric of some sort. The antenna has a adapter so as to use on 30's model radio's. The mast is a perfect 4 section and has a Big chrome BALL on top. It is 22"s lowered and extends to 65"'s and smells Of grease. it is in great shape with all rubber is soft and it also has a ceramic side piece so as to support the side of the top of the four section mast. All in NEW and here to sell. I sell antennas and this is my first I have ever seen like this one.

    Shipping: $18.95 out of USA 32.00

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