All our radio antennas are authentic vintage, made in America by the original manufacturer


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Classic Car Antennas

Acme-Antenna & Our Classic Car Radio Antennas

All the antennas we sell are vintage radio antennas or classic car radio antennas manufactured by Ward /Ancoa Antenna Co. (Antenna Corp. of America), -- who made all the antennas for General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler all the way back to the early 1940's.  Over 12 years ago, Acme-antenna purchased all the classic car radio antennas that came from Ward/Ancoa Antenna Co.  Ward/Ancoa Amtemma Co. went out of business over 22 years ago. 


All the antennas we sell are NEW and 100% American Made (never installed).  
The antennas are over 50 years old and in new  condition.


Please enjoy yourself as you look back at a piece of history in each antenna.  Call anytime and ask for Charles Stanley    +1-912-347-2510



DOMESTIC - within the U.S.
We ship everything USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation.


INTERNATIONAL - outside the U.S.
We are happy to ship anywhere in the world.  Please contact us to discuss shipping options.



Our background is in classic car restoration.  We have been selling vintage car radio antennas for 12 years to people all over the world.   If there is one thing we know, we know classic car radio antennas.   


Call us to discuss your project and the right antenna for it.   +1.912.347.2510 -- Ask for Charles Stanley